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Volunteer Opportunities at Rowland
We need PTA members and PTA officers.  If you are considering being an officer, please do not be concerned if you do not have any previous experience; this will be a great learning opportunity and will look good on your resume.  If you are not interested in the leadership positions, no worries.  We also need PTA members.  If interested, please call the school or let your child's teacher know.
We need a variety of volunteers.  On a more ongoing basis, if you can come in to help out with lunch or breakfast as a volunteer, or even at dismissal for bus duty, that would be wonderful.  If you can only commit to one event, we have Thanksgiving lunch, grandparent's lunch, field day, etc., as volunteer opportunities.  If interested, please call the school, or let your child's teacher know.
If you like a quieter environment and love books, volunteering in the media center might be for you.  (If interested in the media center, please contact Ms. O'Connor.)
For more information, please view the attached:   Volunteer Opportunities